jeudi 30 décembre 2010


November 15, 2010 two activists of art-group VOINA whose names are Oleg Vorotnikov and Lenja Nikolaev have been arrested. This is official information from activist Koza who remains free.

Voina is a Russian art collective that engages in street action art. It is a movement in contemporary art that is relatively new to Russia despite being widespread in the West and regarded by critics as one of the most valuable contemporary art movements.

The group was created on 23rd February, 2007 with the aim of developing monumental patriotic street art in Russia. The group’s leader and idol was, and forever will be, the great Russian artist Dmitri Prigov. Voina currently counts over 200 members who perform actions in its name, sometimes without informing the rest of the group. Since the death of Dmitri Prigov the group has rejected the idea of leadership and enabled all members to come up with and carry out their own actions.

This web site was created to support Voina and will be the only source of information about the group during the investigation and trial. The site is maintained by friends of the group who are also responsible for the accuracy of the information presented here. No other blogs, LiveJournal or Twitter accounts or other web sites are affiliated with Voina in any way.

Prior to this, Voina has never had any information outlets of its own and let the media publish all kinds of misinformation about the group. Alexei Plutser-Sarno, artist, art critic and a friend of Voina, has been publicizing the group through his LiveJournal blog. His blog entries, however, are fictional in character and cannot be regarded as the group’s official statements or used as evidence. Alexei, who is currently living abroad, did not participate in any of the group’s actions of 2010. He is neither the group’s ideologist nor its curator.

Radio show with Xenia (voina's activist) in french:

mercredi 1 décembre 2010

I Wait...

Motherfucking MiNi TouR


09/12/2010 - STRASBOURG - La Mine
10/12/2010 - NANCY - Soap box club
11/12/2010 - STUTTGART - Ffus